Design the Sustainable Future Competition

This year, Rönesans Holding organises once again the Design the Sustainable Future competition. Driven by their belief in the importance of learning, teamwork, sharing of ideas and mutual support, the 7th iteration of the Design the Sustainable Future Competition is set up to meet young people, who will shape the future and will develop ideas for tomorrow. At Rönesans Holding the concept of sustainability is prioritised in every project without exception.

This year, the subject of the contest is “Living Spaces that Change with the Pandemic”. This concerns shelter areas, social areas and working areas.

As Rönesans Holding explains: “In this contest, we expect designs that include innovative, functional, economical and flexible solutions to be introduced. We believe that students from different disciplines who will participate in our idea will take their vision and knowledge on “sustainability” and “Living Spaces that Change with the Pandemic” to the next level by participating in the contest process”.

Undergraduate and graduate students that will graduate in 2021 in architecture and engineering, can participate individually or in a group up to five people. The deadline to sign up is 23 May 2021.

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