Construction team agreement: parking garage Zuid in Nieuwegein

Ballast Nedam and Nieuwegein municipality work together on the most sustainable car park in the Netherlands

Parking garage Zuid in Nieuwegein goes beyond the beaten track and is to become the greenest and most sustainable parking garage in the Netherlands. Ballast Nedam and Nieuwegein municipality have signed a construction team agreement for this project and are working on the final design.

The car park will be next to the Zuidstedeviaduct near St Antonius Hospital and will have over 550 parking spaces. Of these, 237 spaces are intended for future residents of the new CityPromenade project. The design is in the hands of Ballast Nedam Parking and architect partner wUrck.

Working together on sustainable objectives

Ballast Nedam Parking won the tender for the new car park partly because of its vision on sustainability and liveability. This ties in with the municipality's ambition to make Nieuwegein the most sustainable city centre in the Netherlands and with Ballast Nedam Parking's mission to work with clients and regular partners to make parking garages more sustainable by building circularly and minimising CO2 emissions.  

The car park therefore has a major role for nature. Thanks to a façade with bamboo, wood and plants, the car park will store CO2 and make a positive contribution to biodiversity. The parking facility will generate net energy instead of using it. In the construction team, Ballast Nedam and the municipality of Nieuwegein are also investigating the optimum opportunities for reusability, so that the garage will have an even higher sustainability factor.

Design: wUrck / Artist impression: Moss

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