Another step towards clean and emission-free construction sites in the Netherlands

As a construction and development company, we are working towards making construction sites cleaner and more sustainable. The Clean and Emission-Free Construction Covenant signed today by governments, market players and industry organisations is in line with our own objectives. Therefore, it is also supported and endorsed by Ballast Nedam.

The Clean and Emission-Free Construction programme focuses on making construction equipment used in the construction sector more sustainable. Part of this is a roadmap that shows the speed at which various groups of equipment can be made more sustainable and agreements have been made about mobile equipment, vessels and vehicles.

As individual market parties are currently unable to sign the covenant, Ballast Nedam supports and endorses the objectives and we were present at the signing ceremony in Utrecht.

Every step counts

The targets in the covenant are in line with Ballast Nedam's aim to accelerate its efforts to reduce emissions in the construction sector. Besides 100% CO2-neutral construction sites by 2030, we have the ambition to achieve energy-neutral construction by 2040. This is why we continuously invest in electric equipment, make our construction chain more sustainable, invest in solar panels, use 100% green electricity at our sites and work together with partners and industry peers, such as in the Emission-free Infra Network.