Ballast Nedam and Fluor sign contract with Rijkswaterstaat for widening A27 Everdingen-Hooipolder

Ministry of Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) has signed a contract with joint venture ALSÉÉN (a joint venture of Ballast Nedam and Fluor) to perform design, construction and maintenance services for the A27 motorway project from Everdingen to Hooipolder.

Sander Lefevre, Board Member at Ballast Nedam: “For Ballast Nedam this contract creates a medium term balance in times of ongoing market uncertainties on one hand and desired business continuity on the other hand. The two-phase approach allows us to fully integrate our long term construction experiences of similar scope and projects and mitigate project risks for both Rijkwaterstaat and ALSÉÉN.. The required proactive close cooperation will strengthen the predictability of the project and create value for money to both Rijkswaterstaat and our joint venture ALSÉÉN.”  

In this two-phase approach two-thirds of the scope will be elaborated by ALSÉÉN and Rijkwaterstaat to final design level during the first phase of the project, thereby allowing for full site investigations, complete design packages, advanced work packaging and negotiated subcontracts. This will lead to better understanding and division of the project risks and a more predictable second phase (construction design, construction works and maintenance for 15 years).

The A27 is one of the top 10 most congested motorways in the Netherlands, with more than 100,000 vehicles driving the route every day. ALSÉÉN will widen nearly 40 kilometers of the existing A27 motorway, will reconstruct the Hooipolder junction, replace the bridges of Merwede and Keizersveer and connect the motorway to the future Groote Haar business park in Gorinchem.

Initial preparatory work for the project, such as investigations and inspections, will start in 2023. The works will become more visible outside in 2024. Completion of the work is planned between 2029-2031. After completion, Ballast Nedam and Fluor will be responsible for maintaining the motorway for 15 years.

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