Blankenburgverbinding achieves step four of Safety Culture Ladder

Contractor consortium BAAK Blankenburgverbinding (Ballast Nedam and DEME Group) and client Rijkswaterstaat are paying a lot of extra attention to the safety culture at the Blankenburgverbinding. And this is paying off: the Blankenburgverbinding project was the first project organisation to reach level four on the Safety Culture Ladder after an audit at the end of 2023.

This independent safety monitor indicates the level of safety awareness and safe action in organisations. Step four represents a proactive level; five is the highest. It is unusual and unprecedented in the Netherlands for a project combination to be certified on its own for SCL level four.

The Safety Ladder encourages employees in organisations to consciously act safely and provides frameworks for working safely. Building a safety culture within a project organisation is very challenging when compared to a company. A project organisation has a temporary character, works with many different subcontractors and consists of many phases with changes of people. That is why it is extra special that this project was certified so highly.
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