North and South come together in Maasdeltatunnel

Outgoing minister Mark Harbers attended the last built section of the Maas Delta tunnel, part of the Blankenburg connection, on 7 March. The two tunnel sections that were sunk in November have now been brought together to form one tunnel.

North and South shake hands for the first time in the Maasdeltatunnel at a depth of -28 metres NAP. An important symbolic moment that marked the final completion of the connection, in the presence of representatives of the Water Boards involved, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the province of South Holland, construction consortium BAAK (Ballast Nedam and DEME) and Rijkswaterstaat.

Mayor Bert Wijbenga and alderman Bart Bikkers were the first to knock with a special commemorative hammer on the heavy door that had to protect this part of the tunnel from the water pressure of the Scheur during construction. A little later, it was the turn of Rotterdam alderman Vincent Karremans and Rozenburg village council chairman Rob Oosterlee.

In a short speech, the minister referred to the resilience of the builders who overcame setbacks in sinking the northern tunnel section. He congratulated all those involved on this result and praised Rotterdam's no bullshit-mentality.

The A24, which includes the Maasdeltatunnel, is expected to open to road users in December.

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