Dozens of open discussions about safety

The Ballast Nedam projects and offices are buzzing with open discussions on safety today. From Groningen to Maastricht, on this national safety day we are talking about genuine care for one another.

During these talks, we focus on safety risks such as hand injuries and we carry out workplace observations to prevent tripping, stumbling and falling. At the offices, we provide CPR training.

Talks in Grave

On the De Brouwerij housing project in Grave, conversations quickly arise. What is it that sometimes puts us in unsafe situations? Why do we sometimes find it difficult to call others to account for unsafe behaviour? And do you really do everything you can to work safely?

Working together on safety

These open dialogues make for a special day. Listening to each other is the start of understanding each other, complimenting each other and addressing each other, in short, genuine care for each other. We need each other to make safe choices.

Today's National Safety Day is a great occasion. But let's be honest: the theme of safety is number one every day.

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