Challenge to Improve

Sustainable growth by continuous improvement

Learn, adapt and grow

Ballast Nedam is a construction and development company focused on national and international markets. Our purpose is to build a safe and sustainable living environment characterised by health, comfort and well-being. Our dedicated and skilled people are our biggest strength. 

  • 511 Projects
  • 23 Nationalities
  • 1815 Employees
  • 28 Locations
We believe in achieving sustainable growth by continuously challenging ourselves to improve. We are Ballast Nedam. We Challenge to Improve.

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Bridges, tunnels, utility buildings, ports, houses and highways: every day we build and develop sustainable iconic landmarks that add something to our society. They are executed by our dedicated people and require genuine craftsmanship, knowledge, experience and strong leadership. Supported by the latest techniques.

Our projects

We take you along our projects in the Netherlands and abroad; these are our pieces of art. 

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Themes for a healthy future

We focus on four themes, in particular, to build a future proof company: safety, sustainability, digitalisation & innovation and social responsibility. 

In terms of safety, we want to ensure that our colleagues return home safely at the end of every day. We are making our building sites energy neutral and our projects sustainable. We work with state-of-the-art BIM models and artificial intelligence to transform our ideas into prototypes. And we make sure to keep an eye on the world around us, making sure we take care of each other and our environment.

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Together with nearly two thousand colleagues, we prepare and realise construction and development projects. We learn, adapt and innovate and we keep improving ourselves. Will you join us to make an impact in our organisation?

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