At the heart of transitions

Climate change has far-reaching effects on the environment, ecosystems, and human societies. Transitions in energy, water, urban development, mobility and industries are ongoing. This manifests in various ways, affecting the natural world and human activities. In this changing world where we intensively use our energy resources and the need to preserve and protect our climate is evident, it is necessary to take responsibility. 

Ballast Nedam contributes to the challenges of today and tomorrow by building houses for better living conditions, roads and ports to improve mobility and accessibility, wind farms to support a sustainable energy system and dam constructions to protect the land from flooding. We convert fossil plants into sustainable alternatives. We provide future-proof solutions, on a national and international level. This way, we build a sustainable living environment. 

Unique landscape icons

Bridges, tunnels, utility buildings, ports, houses and highways: every day we build and develop sustainable and often iconic landmarks that contribute to our society. Based on knowledge, experience and the latest techniques.

Our projects

We take you along our projects in the Netherlands and abroad; these are our pieces of art. 

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Joining forces

With almost 2,000 colleagues, we are working on projects in the Netherlands and abroad. We innovate, become more sustainable and keep improving ourselves. Every day, together as a team.