Rapid construction and long-term management

A 68,000 m2 multifunctional building

Construction of New Prison Complex in Zaanstad

In Zaanstad we are building a new prison complex to replace the region's ageing custodial facilities. The new building will cover an area of 68,000 m² and provide accommodation for over a 1,000 prisoners. We have been supported during this project by EGM Architecten.

  • 68,000 m2 surface area
  • 25 years involved
  • 667 cells
The design for the new building had to be humane, sober, functional and robust. These same principles are also being applied to the construction technique and the way the building will be operated. The prison complex is a future-proof, multifunctional structure with cells suitable for shared use. As well as taking care of construction and coordinating the installation engineering, Ballast Nedam is also responsible for managing the building for a period of 25 years now it is in the operation phase.

Modular construction

The speed of the construction work is exceptional about this project. The building was erected in just eighteen months. Such a time frame was feasible, as we worked, wherever possible, with modular and prefab elements, which were designed in 3D using BIM. The cells are complete units with precast fittings that were delivered to the construction site as shells. Every week 24 cells were installed and all 667 cells were in place within the space of six months.

Design, Build, Finance, Maintain, Operate

For this project, we concluded a DBFMO contract. The client set out its requirements in an output specifications document and, by means of systems engineering, we created a building that demonstrably meets them. We are responsible for the design, construction, financing, maintenance and facility services for the prison complex for a 25 year period. As a result, the project will be written down over 25 years, instead of three or four years. Decisions about the design, construction and operation of the building were guided by aspects other than construction costs alone. After all, if you invest a little more at the beginning of a project in sustainable products that have a long lifespan and require little maintenance, this will reduce costs further down the line and compensate for this higher investment.

As the key principles behind the design were carefully considered, they not only determined the architecture but will also support the various functions of the prison complex. The whole complex is extremely light and airy, which contributes to the humanity of the building. In addition, the interior and furnishings are robust and easy to maintain. All the aspects involved in this kind of project can only be coordinated effectively if there is a close working relationship between all the parties involved.

More information?

Walter van Gurp

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Asset management

Walter began his career in the railway sector, where he worked on various formula developments such as the implementation of the well-known OV chip card. Since 2008, he has been working on integral projects within Ballast Nedam. A part of the building sector in which he uses his knowledge about tender and contract management daily.

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