Ambition implemented at a technical level

Reinforce the coastal defences and creating additional parking spaces

Underground parking garage Katwijk aan Zee

They decided to combine these aims and had a fantastic aesthetic quality plan drawn up. We developed a design based on this and went on to make this ambitious plan into a reality.

  • 663 parking spaces
  • 1 underground parking level
  • 500 metres long


The coastal defences in Katwijk did not meet the legal requirements and needed to be reinforced. At the same time, there was a need for more parking spaces. Royal Haskoning DHV drew up a design for the government in which they combined a new flood defence scheme with an underground car park. Together with Zwarts & Jansma Architects, we developed this ambitious plan into an integrated design (including architecture, functionality, construction and implementation), after which we were able to complete the car park in less than ten months.


We developed a parking garage that met the requirements of the aesthetic quality plan. Among other things, all the entrances and exits were designed to blend seamlessly with the dune landscape. The long underground car park has a functional design with clean lines. We opted for large spans and ensured that no columns or installations were in view. This enables visitors to see the whole space at a glance, enabling them to feel safe and easily find their way to the beach or the town centre.


The beach is an important economic feature for Katwijk and remained open to tourists and locals throughout. To this end, we constructed several walking bridges to the beach. We chose to use prefab elements, which sped up the construction process considerably and limited the inconvenience caused. Together, these high-quality elements combine to form a solid whole that meets the requirements of the CUR100 quality standard. We collected them at a logistics centre in the area, after which we had them transported to the location at just the right time – not via the promenade, but using a temporary road for construction traffic on the beach. This reduced the inconvenience even further.


The ambitious design was stunningly brought to life. All that can be seen in the dune landscape are a few subtle entrances, which lead to an especially practical car park with space to accommodate 663 cars. It is a solution that is as brilliant as it is simple. The parking garage has already received numerous awards, including the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence 2016 award and the BNA Het beste gebouw van 2016 award.

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Thom Hienekamp

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Park & Connect

Thom is Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Park & Connect and, with his team, is involved in the design and construction of high-quality mobility links. Such as parking garages, bridges and viaducts. Everything is based on the principle of the learning organisation and servant leadership: the inverted management pyramid. Thom always keeps his dream in mind; a fully circular living environment. In which people can move around easily, happily and safely and connect with each other.

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