Construction and design of the road, viaducts and an aqueduct

Working together with various specialists on a confined construction site

Upgrade of N31-traverse

A section of the N31 (Amsterdam – Leeuwarden) that runs through Harlingen has been reconstructed. We made the design and built the road, including five viaducts and an aqueduct. The road has been widened to a two-lane road and is laying five meters below ground level. As a result, the road is out of sight and Harlingen has visually become one again.

  • 9,000


  • 4,500

    Sheet piles

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Many different specialisms were involved in this extremely diverse project. Our strength is that we have all the necessary specialists in-house. We are also used to managing all these disciplines to keep the work moving forward. The 60-metre-long railway viaduct that we slid into its permanent position in Harlingen in just six hours with the help of a sliding-track structure is a perfect example of this.
Building in a confined space

In this project, space was limited and we executed our work in many different places at once. That complicated the project logistics. We are therefore ensured that all activities were tightly controlled. At the same time, traffic had to continue to flow smoothly along this important vein. We are executed the project in phases and constructed the new road alongside the existing one, where possible, where we sometimes made bypasses.

Strong focus on community engagement management

Good community engagement management is essential when you are working in a built-up area. We have organised information evenings and “kitchen-table” sessions to involve residents in the project. We have also visited schools to explain the dangers of construction traffic and highlight where construction vehicles drove by. Together with the measures we took concerning the construction process, this resulted in a high level of satisfaction within the local community.

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Ronald de Geus

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Infra Projects

Ronald grew up in an international environment, which also shaped his career in integrated projects. From his design and engineering background, he grew into the project management of large complex projects. He now gratefully uses and masters this experience, in his current role as Managing Director of Ballast Nedam Infra Projects, where a customer-oriented focus is used and employed in tender and project selection.

Business Unit Director Ronald De Geus Ballast Nedam Infra Projects

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