VUmc Imaging Centre and Basement of Diagnostic Centre

Bringing together the latest imaging techniques and experts from different disciplines

Many specific requirements for flexible, high-tech building

Based on our recent experiences of healthcare institutions, VUmc awarded us with the assignment to build the Imaging Centre where all VUmc activities concerning imaging technology will be brought together. Patients who suffer from cancer, brain disorders, cardiovascular diseases or other afflictions will greatly benefit from the latest imaging technologies and experts from various fields put together. The building will be located in the garden of the existing hospital. We are also building the foundations of the future Diagnostic Centre there.

  • 16,000 m2 surface area
  • 6 storeys
  • 2 metre thick basement ceiling
The new Imaging Centre will be six storeys high and will cover an area of approximately 16,000 m2. Many specific requirements apply, partly due to the separate supply and discharge channels for gases and medical fluids for the various research laboratories. In addition, we must consider the adjoining hospital, which will continue to be used as usual while the work is ongoing; we are taking specific measures to prevent any disturbance and nuisance. In fact, this has somewhat become a standard practice for us.

Specialist equipment

The Imaging Centre will house various specialist equipment, e.g. X-ray equipment, CT, MRI, cyclotron. These are expensive and fragile, so in order to ensure that this is treated with the optimum care, the relevant suppliers set high requirements on the building. Some important requirement include sufficient freedom of movement to transport the equipment to the right rooms, floors for extra load-bearing capacity, walls that are X-ray resistant and specific connections in exact locations. These are just some of the things we have to take into consideration. Therefore, we have arranged personal meetings with all individual suppliers, so that the area will fulfil all requirements and the equipment can function optimally.

Smart building

The basement will house four cyclotrons, which are enormous machines that produce isotopes for diagnostics and research for cancer, brain disorders, cardiovascular diseases or other afflictions. Two of them are now used in another location, but they will be moved to the Imaging Center in due course. They will be moved separately, so the VUmc and other hospitals will continue to have available isotopes. We are building a robust and safe environment for them in the basement, included with 1.5 metre thick concrete walls. In order to be able to move the cyclotrons into the building, the 2 metre thick basement ceiling will be constructed of loose concrete elements. This will allow VUmc to move things around in the future.

BREEAM Certification

The Imaging Centre at the VU medical centre in Amsterdam was one of the first research buildings in the Netherlands to receive the 3-star (Very Good) BREEAM-NL design certificate. The intended result is a BREEAM 3-star certificate (Very Good).
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