Cartesius Utrecht: living healthier and happier for longer

The healthiest, most public transport and bike-friendly neighbourhood in the Netherlands

Cartesius Utrecht

With over 2,800 houses, a large park, a school, a supermarket, restaurants and various other facilities, Cartesius Utrecht will become a neighbourhood where residents have everything they need. This healthy urban development by Ballast Nedam Development and MRP transforms the former NS work and marshalling yard into a neighbourhood where people can live healthier and happier for longer.  

  • 30 per cent greenery
  • 2840 houses
  • 100 bi-directional shared cars

Living longer and healthier

Cartesius is inspired by the scientific theory of Blue Zones: places where people are proven to live longer and healthier lives. That is why the city district gets lots of green and cars stay out of the scene, except for 100 bi-directional shared cars. These cars work as batteries on wheels: a global first that we launched with Hyundai. Car-free design gives residents more space. It will be a neighbourhood where you can recharge, with a large park to relax and where children can play outdoors. The area should become the most healthy, public transport and bicycle-friendly neighbourhood in the Netherlands.

A home for everyone

The neighbourhood will have various types of housing, so that all target groups from the social to the luxury segment can feel at home. Cartesius gets 25% social rental appartments, a large number of medium-rent and free sector rental appartments.

A sustainable city district

The houses have low energy consumption and are made of materials that can be reused or have less impact on the environment. 30% of the area will be green, ensuring more biodiversity in the city. With this, Cartesius will energetically pursue Utrecht's sustainable ambitions.

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Bedrijfsdirecteur Ballast Nedam Development Onno Dwars
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