Sustainable and socially responsible new buildings

AMST is a sustainable and socially responsible new construction development and responds to the high demand for rental housing in the middle segment in Amsterdam. It comprises the construction of a 2-storey parking basement below ground level, containing 252 rental units, 80% of which are intended for middle-income households and 20% for the non-regulated rental sector. The dwellings are spread over two buildings, AMST I and AMST II, which also contain parking facilities and various commercial and public facilities in the plinth. This makes it a so-called mixed-use project.

  • 252 rental houses
  • 5 minutes bicycle ride to the Albert Cuypmarkt
  • 80 percent middle segment rental

Water neutral

In the design, the aim has been to create a water-neutral project, meaning that all rainwater is retained and reused. The roofs, courtyards and in the gardens function as a water storage and reuse system. The green/blue elements of the design also ensure that the PV panels give a higher yield, as well as a positive contribution to local ecosystems. A sustainable project using sustainable materials.

Modular bathrooms

Bart Meijer (CEO MRP) and Niels Doodeman (director Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling) symbolically install a modular bathroom in April 2022. The mixed-use development AMST, enables affordable housing for middle-income families in Amsterdam and uses modular bathrooms. These bathroom modules are delivered ready-to-use, equipped with all tiles, plumbing and installations. This considerably shortens the construction time and reduces movement on the building site. That's sustainable building!

Affordable housing

Of the 252 homes, spread over two buildings, 80% are for medium-rent and 20% are homes in the free-rent sector. Some of the mid-rent housing is suitable for larger families with a house size above 100 square metres and this is quite exceptional in Amsterdam. The use of modular bathrooms also allows for more sustainable and faster construction.

A new way of building

Ursem Modulaire Bouwsystemen is a leader in the world of new construction. The building system has been continuously developed and perfected over the past decades together with clients, construction and installation partners, architects and consultants. The new building system is increasingly becoming the alternative to traditional construction. Besides increased efficiency, shorter construction time and consistent quality, this method of construction delivers gains in sustainability.

More information?

Niels Doodeman

Managing Director Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling

Niels’ passion for building is reflected at Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling, where they face challenges together. After holding a variety of positions, he has been a member of the Board of Management since 2002. In 2011 Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling became part of Ballast Nedam, for which Niels has final responsibility as Managing Director.

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