Ballast Nedam commemorates the Dakota plane crash: 'Today marks 25 years after this terrible accident'

On September 25, 1996, a plane of the Dutch Dakota Association crashed into the Waddenzee in the Netherlands. None of the 32 passengers survived the crash, including three Ballast Nedam employees. Today, twenty-five years later, this accident is commemorated in the garden of the provincial house in Haarlem.

“After 25 years, it is still hard to comprehend what happened that day above the Waddenzee. What should have been a fun staff outing turned into an absolute nightmare for many families”, said Joep Hartjes, Managing Director Ballast Nedam Road Specialties. On behalf of Ballast Nedam, he lays a wreath at the commemoration today.

The flight, from Schiphol to Texel Airport and back, was part of a staff outing for 23 employees of the province of North Holland. As DDA sponsor, three Ballast Nedam employees were also on board: Jaap de Boer, Paul Wesseling en Erik Stellingwerff. Six DDA members took part as well. The airplane started having trouble on its way back to Schiphol. Over the Waddenzee, the left engine failed. After several failed attempts, the pilots could no longer keep the aircraft in the. The plane crashed in the Waddenzee, about 18 kilometers from Den Helder.

Joep Hartjes: “Ballast Nedam has commemorated the accident every year since 1996. We will continue to do so.”

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