The story of Boundji Mutambay

Construction assistant on the Berckelbosch urban development

Boundji: the indispensable colleague on the Berckelbosch urban development

Boundji Mutambay is no stranger to the Ballast Nedam teams. As a Construction Assistant, he has already worked on several projects, including Stadhuis Eindhoven and Suytkade. “I want to be constantly working. It didn't feel right sitting at home.” He shares his story.

‘I gained my first experience in construction in Congo, where I come from. I helped build houses and learned to paint and lay laminate. At that time I didn't know how useful that experience would come in handy later in the Netherlands.'

A tidy construction site

‘I work as a Construction Assistant on the Berckelbosch urban development in Eindhoven. We work here on a large construction site and I make sure it is tidy here. My day consists mainly of tidying up, separating all types of materials and having close contact with my colleagues. I also help them with anything and everything, such as installing window frames. I am learning a lot and now I know everyone.”

‘In 2008 I got a work and residence permit: a very special moment. When I had finished integrating and was looking for a job, I immediately noticed that I couldn't sit still. I wanted to work so badly, just like the people around me. Receiving financial support from the government does not suit me, I don't feel good about that.'


Travelling circus

'I started doing volunteer work while looking for a job and I had several short jobs before finally ending up at Ballast Nedam and the Laudy Bouw en Ontwikkeling division through an employment agency. Within the so-called 'Social Return' I have been working on projects in and around Eindhoven for a few years now. Berckelbosch is close to my house, so every morning I cycle here within five minutes. It feels good here: a second home. Moreover, I am constantly busy and on the move here, and that is important to me. When one project is finished, I start again in a new place. We are actually a traveling circus. I hope to be able to work with them for a long time to come.”

Social Return

Ballast Nedam is committed to Social Return: creating employment for people at a distance from the labor market. In 2020, this was achieved in no fewer than 31 projects, where we welcomed new colleagues in positions such as construction site assistant, doorman and carpenter. We do this together with our partners Ampliar and Greenfox, enabling us to recruit and deploy new and diverse talent.

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