Ballast Nedam coaches students in sustainable ReThink Waste Challenge

In the ReThink Waste Challenge, more than 190 students from 72 universities in 33 countries work on business ideas and prototypes to reduce or reuse waste, create reusable materials and contribute to a sustainable future.

Ballast Nedam is one of the companies for which the students will develop ideas and prototypes. This way, we contribute to a circular biobased economy and can further innovate in this field ourselves.

What exactly are the students going to come up with for us?

It could be anything: from a new material made from biomass or a new technology to extract valuable products from biomass residues, to a more efficient production process or services that bring a zero-waste future a step closer.

Until June 2023, they will develop their idea into a solid business proposition, supported by experts including Ballast Nedam. Then they will pitch it to the jury and potential investors.

Ballast Nedam is not the only company taking part. More than 20 companies from sectors such as agri-food, construction, engineering consultancy, packaging and waste management are there to help them and introduced themselves to the students at the Kick-off Event. The teams are now working towards the first selection event that takes place at the end of February. The teams that make it through will work on refining their concept, hoping to secure a place in the finals.

Why is Ballast Nedam taking part in this?

Ballast Nedam wants to be 50% circular, 100% waste-free and climate-neutral by 2030. We challenge the students to find solutions that can help us achieve this.
It is inspiring and motivating to exchange ideas with them and it gives us insight into the motivations of this new generation of future colleagues. The other partners are also interesting: one person's waste stream can be a solution for another.
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