Day of Biodiversity: a green example at Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

The Westfield Mall of the Netherlands in Leidschendam opened two months ago and is a good example of how biodiversity is integrated into an existing environment as part of Biodiversity Day.

The green facade of the shopping center has 950 square meters and is covered with no fewer than 25,650 plants. It tempers the ambient temperature, purifies the air and aids in water retention. Nesting boxes for birds, bats and bees have also been incorporated into this green facade. The Westfield Mall of the Netherlands building will soon be certified for the BREEAM Very Good sustainability certificate.

An investment we take seriously

“In urban areas, the use of more green space is more than welcome,” says Ferhan Deniz, Sustainability Consultant at Ballast Nedam. “In addition to the use of green facades, we will continue to work for the increase of biodiversity in the context of biodiversity. We invest in beehives, install insect hotels and plant more greenery in the neighborhood."

As Ballast Nedam, we want to contribute to increasing biodiversity by having 20% ​​of the new facades to be developed green by 2025. This year we aim to increase and / or stimulate biodiversity in at least two of our projects and one office location.
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