Largest shopping mall in the Netherlands

A new shopping experience in the central part of Holland

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

The starting point was already there—the Leidsenhage shopping centre in Leidschendam. On behalf of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Ballast Nedam has expanded this shopping centre into the largest shopping centre in the Netherlands. Under the name Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, it has opened up a whole new level in shopping centres.

  • 117 thousand m2 surface area
  • 4,000 parking spaces
  • 280 retail shops
We constructed the north and south sides of the shopping centre for this project and gave it a brand-new shape: its main structural works, certain interior finishes, and a characteristic façade. The structure is mainly cast-in-situ and partially constructed from prefabricated concrete elements. The façade was made of glass and 2D and 3D geometrical and curved fibre. It is reinforced by concrete made by pouring fibre reinforced concrete into special moulds engineered and produced exclusively for this project. This has resulted in a thin and relatively light concrete façade without compromising quality or the architecturally unique shape.

It all comes together

Under the roof of the Mall of the Netherlands are hundreds of shops and restaurants, ten movie theatres, a sports café and a bowling centre, and hundreds of retail stores. The canopies of the façade rising high into the sky were carefully secured by the construction team during the installation. The result is impressive: a façade that covers the building like a veil.

As quiet as possible

To minimise nuisance in the shopping centre, we worked in a 'construction stream'. We carefully planned and simultaneously carried out activities in extremely limited spaces. With a distinctive construction methodology specific to this project, we successfully completed all the works while the stores were still open for visitors. As we completed the work phase by phase, we moved gradually each time and adjusted the public walkways subsequently without posing a threat to the public safety and ensured that the shopping continued without disruption.

To ensure the comfort of shopping and safety, the piling works in the passages were not carried out during the day but performed at night with screw injection piles drilled into the ground with little noise. The piling work for the new parking area was carried out during the daytime. We succeeded to limit nuisance to the environment as much as possible by accurately measuring the noise and vibrations during this operation.

Joining forces

Together with Ballast Nedam, several companies and contractors worked on this project. A coordinating contract between Co-contractors is a relatively unusual form of contract in the Netherlands but suits us well. We like to take an active, connecting role, responding timely and effectively to the changes. In the field of sustainability, we achieved the score "Very Good" with our BREEAM-NL Design Certificate.

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