Positive BREEAM audit on the Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam project

During an interim BREEAM audit, it was confirmed that the Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam project is on the right track to achieve BREEAM Excellent in the implementation phase.

With this high certification, Ballast Nedam and CBRE Global Investors have the ambition to minimise the impact of the building on the environment. Project Tower Ten has already obtained a BREEAM Excellent design certificate during the design phase. We make as many sustainable choices as possible to get the BREEAM score as high as possible in this current phase as well.

Sustainable (material) choices

Our sustainable material choices made a positive contribution during the interim audit. All wood on the Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam project is FSC-certified and we purchase the CSC-certified concrete locally. In addition, our materials comply with ISO 14001: an internationally accepted standard with requirements for a sustainable environmental management system.

Every month we share reports that lead to a further reduction of CO2 emissions. We keep track of the trips of our subcontractors, so that we can work even more efficiently. We separate the waste on the construction site with a separation percentage of 94%. This percentage is well above the minimum set by BREEAM, where a separation percentage of at least 80% is used.

8.1/10 by 'Bewuste Bouwers'

The project was also passed with flying colors by Bewuste Bouwers (Conscious Builders), with a score of 8.1/10. This included a positive assessment of how Ballast Nedam keeps the construction site separate from the current users of the other construction parts of the WTC complex. As a result, office users notice as little as possible of the work.

About this project

Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam is a major expansion and renovation project of the WTC in Amsterdam's Zuidas. Ballast Nedam is responsible for the expansion and renovation of one of the older towers (the D-tower) and the underground parking garage. A complex assignment, in which we work on top of and right next to existing buildings.

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