A major transformation

The building's new façade makes it contemporary again

Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam

A major expansion and renovation project: Tower Ten WTC Amsterdam. The WTC complex is located in the heart of Amsterdam's Zuidas and consists of nine towers. It is a small village for office users, with over three hundred international companies from over thirty countries. Ballast Nedam is responsible for expanding and renovating one of the existing towers (the D-tower) and the underground parking garage. A complex task in which we will have to work on top of and right next to existing buildings.

  • 49,000 m2 Expansion
  • 7,800 m2 Parking garage
  • 23 Floors
The current D-tower will be stripped down to the concrete skeleton. We will then build a new 22-storey "tower" and put ten floors on top of the current D-tower. Finally, we will add three new pavilions to the new building under a beautiful undulating roof, with a new, contemporary look and office space that fully meets the modern user's needs. Ballast Nedam is fully responsible for the realisation and completion, up to the hull delivery of office spaces.

The new transparent, specially lined fa├žade makes the WTC completely of our time. Behind it, there will be 17,000 m2 fully renovated and 32,000 m2 new floor space. The parking garage is also being expanded to meet the requirements and needs of the modern user.

Reinforcement of foundations

The extension is a complex project in which strengthening the foundation is an important part. Specialist work in design and execution is necessary to be able to support the ten new construction layers. Lifting jacks will be placed between the old and new foundations to keep the building up to date.

Photo: Milan Hofmans

BREEAM certification

Project Tower Ten has obtained a BREEAM Excellent certificate. With this certification, the client, CBRE Global Investors, has the ambition to minimise the impact of the WTC complex on the environment.

Build big in a small space

Another Ballast Nedam specialism that comes in handy is building in a small space. In this case, at one of the busiest locations in the Netherlands, the Zuidas, which is wedged between intensively used roads and offices. This requires a lot of attention for the environment. For example, we pay attention to the office and environmental schedule into account, and we communicate with tenants in the WTC building. To limit inconvenience, we discuss the planning and activities in advance. Sometimes the measures are small, e.g., turning off construction radios, and sometimes we make bigger decisions to relieve the environment. In good cooperation, we will achieve a major expansion of WTC Amsterdam.

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Halbe Veenstra

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Building Projects

Since March 1, 2021, Halbe holds the position of Managing Director at Ballast Nedam Building Projects. He is responsible for the realisation of construction projects and the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders are the primary concern.

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