Project MindLabs reaches its highest point

An important milestone for the construction of MindLabs in Tilburg: the building has reached its highest point.

MindLabs will be the center for artificial intelligence, for which Ballast Nedam Zuid is working on the labs of the future, 12,200 m2 of new construction and the transformation of Hall 70. We realise the six-storey MindLabs on a tiny construction site.

Bulent Sahin is Project Lead at Ballast Nedam: “The highest point is always a good moment to reflect on the impact of the project we are building. I am very proud of my team. Together we create an impressive building in which innovative elements will come together. In the coming months, the building will take further shape and will become an imposing addition to the station area.”

Construction and design

Construction for our clients of the municipality of Tilburg and Fontys Hogescholen started in August 2019. Ballast Nedam Zuid and BINX Smartility are jointly responsible for the realisation of this project.

A striking part of MindLabs is Hall 70. This old railway hall is being renovated and expanded with new construction to a design by Ector Hoogstad Architecten. The steel trusses of Hall 70 will be reused in the new situation and will soon comprise the vibrant heart of MindLabs. This will be an 'exhibition floor for knowledge' with space for exhibitions and informal gatherings.