Final tests for Maasvlakte 2 wind farm

All 22 wind turbines of Windpark Maasvlakte 2 are entering the final phase: the test phase. On this project, Ballast Nedam was responsible for the turbine foundations, the connection to the purchasing station and the park cabling. The project even has a scoop for the wind sector: for the first time, wind turbines on land have been founded with a monopile.

The turbines are located on two types of seawalls: soft and hard. The soft seawall consists of dunes and beach. Here, 12 wind turbines stand in the surf, with a monopile foundation. And that is a first for the wind sector, because for the first time on land, a wind turbine is founded on a monopile. This ensures a smaller impact on the beach bottom and less disruption to the surrounding area. In addition, the foundations have a slender shape, leaving more space for recreation around the wind turbines.

The remaining ten wind turbines are located on the hard seawall, consisting of a dike and a block dam. For these turbines, a concrete foundation with a reinforced soil construction placed against the dike body was chosen.


Recently, the work area has been returned to its original state and visitors can again make full use of the sports beach. The construction of Windpark Maasvlakte 2 is now entering the final phase: the wind turbines will be fully tested in the coming months. This ensures that they can function properly under all conditions.

When the test phase is completed and the farm is actually put into operation, the farm will generate 416 GWh of sustainable electricity annually. Rijkswaterstaat will use this green power to make the energy supply of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management completely sustainable. Offices, but especially matters such as road lighting, operation of bridges and pumping stations will then use wind energy from the Maasvlakte.

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