Constructing without disrupting shipping traffic

Expansion to remain competitive

New Moorings and Quay Wall for Stena Line

To ensure it remains competitive, ferry operator Stena Line is keen to start using larger vessels. However, its permanent mooring in Rotterdam was too small to accommodate them and the quay had also reached the end of its lifespan. The Rotterdam Port Authority therefore asked us to expand the capacity of the mooring and replace the quay wall.

  • 4.150 m3 concrete
  • 2 mooring places
  • 870 ton rebar
RoRo vessels are used to transport cargo that can be driven onto and off the ship, allowing loading and unloading to be carried out quickly. Initially, only one mooring had been planned. During the project, however, Stena Line decided to add a second one, due to the favourable economic outlook.

Time to stop and think

The work was well under way when the Rotterdam Port Authority expanded the scope of the contract. In close consultation, we stopped the work temporarily so we could think about the best way to tackle the additional mooring. In the end we decided to construct the second RoRo mooring first, which would be located further along the harbour. By initially creating this particular mooring, we are giving ourselves some extra space, which means less disruption for Stena Line when we are working on the first mooring.

Daily coordination

During the work the landside and waterside operations at the terminal are continuing as normal. This proved to be a fairly complex challenge at first, but by constructing the additional mooring we are giving Stena Line access to another quay wall and are giving ourselves more space to work in. However, we can not keep out of each others way entirely. We are therefore coordinating with each other on a daily basis, also to guarantee the safety of the ferry operator's employees, who have to attach hawsers to bollards located on our building site.

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Twan Spanjers

Director Specialities Ballast Nedam Infra Projects

Twan joined Ballast Nedam in 2019. He is experienced in the fields of concrete and hydraulic engineering and large-scale earthmoving. At Ballast Nedam Infra Projects, Twan and his team have strong expertise in building solid foundations for every construction and infrastructure project. By supplying high-quality foundations at the start of the construction process, they make the start of works successful.

Twan Spanjers bedrijfsdirecteur Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions
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