Wind Park Hartel II Rotterdam

The wind farm has a total power of 24 MW and supplies electricity for about 18,000 households

Design, deliver and the installation of eight wind turbines

For Hartel II Wind farm in Rotterdam we designed and installed eight wind turbines. In addition, we were responsible for the development of the building sites, construction of roads and crane stations, the park cabling, insertion of facilities like a transformer station and SCADA system and the finishing of the roads and taluds.

  • 8 Wind turbines
  • 18,000 Households
  • 24 MW Maximum power
Hartel II was built on the site of an earlier wind farm that consisted of five smaller wind turbines. Windpark Hartel II was built in Rotterdam's port area on the banks of the Hartelkanaal at Geervliet and Heenvliet. The wind farm consists of eight ECO-110 wind turbines from Alstom, each with a power of 3 MW. The wind farm thus has a total power of 24 MW and supplies electricity for about 18,000 households. The wind turbines are interconnected with 25 kV cables to transport the generated energy to a new transformer station. This station ensures that the energy is returned to the electricity grid. In August 2014, the construction of the park cabling and the installation of the transformer station and SCADA station began.

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Ronald de Geus

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Infra Projects

Ronald grew up in an international environment: the basis of his career in integral projects. From his design and engineering background, he has grown into the project management of large, complex projects.

Business Unit Director Ronald De Geus Ballast Nedam Infra Projects
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