Luxury hotel and apartments in the heart of Utrecht

A green and unique tower

Galaxy Tower

7 May 2018 marked the start of something impressive: the construction of the Galaxy Tower on the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht. Ballast Nedam is building a 92-meter-high tower with an underground parking garage, a luxurious Amrâth Hôtel with 254 rooms and 317 apartments. The tower has a striking structure with roof gardens and is completely covered with ceramics.

  • 92 -metre high tower
  • 254 rooms
  • 317 appartments
  • 28,500 m3 concrete

A large range of techniques

The construction of the Galaxy Tower requires the use of various construction techniques. For example, we used vibrationless slurry wall techniques to create the construction pit walls instead of vibrating sheet piles and drilled foundation piles. Because of the open design, the foundation and the bottom three floors will be constructed using traditional building methods. The other floors will be built using a tunnel construction method by pouring the walls and floors into what looks like an enormous heavy box. When that is set, the box is removed, and the process is repeated on the next part.

550 concrete mixers

A tower with a height of 92 meters requires a strong foundation. In total, we needed 550 concrete mixers to pour the required 28,500 m3 of concrete. This task resulted in 45 hours of continuous work. Towers are built up from the core, where a concrete pump pumps the concrete up each time our teams start working on a new floor. When that floor is ready, the concrete pump moves to the next floor.

One tower crane

The area around Galaxy Tower is still under development and requires strict planning of movement, space and logistics. We could only reserve the tower crane on the construction site for the structural work and the façade. Luckily, we could also use it for the tunnel construction to move the tunnels from one side of the building to the other. All other supplies were moved using the passenger lifts and goods lift.

Green tower

The roof gardens on the outside of the tower show the green character of the Galaxy Tower. With solar panels on the roofs and the façade, the tower has a high sustainability factor. There is heat and cold storage in the soil, and all 317 apartments are to be gas-free. After completion, the Galaxy Tower will be a green addition to the Jaarbeursplein in Utrecht.

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Halbe Veenstra

Managing Director Ballast Nedam Building Projects

Since March 1, 2021, Halbe holds the position of Managing Director at Ballast Nedam Building Projects. He is responsible for the realisation of construction projects and the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders are the primary concern.

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