One of the highest residential buildings in Rotterdam

Many new living spaces

The CoolTower

The CoolTower proudly stands 154 metres up in the air, housing about 282 apartments. With its striking central crown, which marks the height of other residential towers in the city centre, it is an asset to the skyline.

  • 150 + meters high
  • 282 + apartments
  • 208 Clients
The design features long windows, offering the residents every opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking view. Balconies also provide a connection with the exterior, at high levels. This is made possible by the building structure: fully supported by the core of the building, with outriggers supporting the floors for extra stability. A cool design in the Cool district.

Assembly at height

Ballast Nedam has taken care of the project from drawings to turn-key delivery. The design was challenging for several reasons. The tower could not easily be constructed from pre-assembled elements. Because of the combination of different materials and fa├žade elements, we had to put everything together on the construction floors. High quality standards also had to be met in the process, with regard to water and wind tightness, among other things, also due to the height.

Multiple-storey high windbreak

Not only the result counted, but also our attention to working conditions and environment. For instance, we worked with a multi-storey windbreak: a well-shielded working environment. This was raised as the structural work progressed. This was still unique in the Netherlands, but we already had good experiences with it abroad. The centre offers special neighbours. The eye hospital, for instance, which required special vibration-free pile driving. Or the fire station, which we gave free rein by making maximum use of the limited transport routes via a smart just-in-time (JIT) ticketing system.

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