A modern terminal for St. Maarten

Complete renewal and renovation

St Maarten Airport Terminal Reconstruction Project

On the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, Ballast Nedam International Projects is realising a completely renewed terminal for the Princes Juliana International Airport. With this new terminal the island will be able to welcome and transport its travellers according to the latest standards.

This renovation is greatly needed, as in 2017 Hurricane Irma caused enormous damage across the island and the airport terminal in particular. Ballast Nedam International Projects renewed the roof in order to make the existing terminal watertight and make a section of the terminal operational again. With the current renewal of the entire terminal, the project is now even more challenging.

  • 46 check-in counters
  • 30.500 m2 surface area
  • 13 gates

Large-scale works

Ballast Nedam International Projects works within a 'Construct Only' contract. This means we are realising the design made by an architectural firm in cooperation with our client. We are renovating the entire airport terminal, including the facade, windows, check-in hall, check-in counters, security areas, departure gates, arrival hall, business lounge, offices and installations. Ultimately, the terminal will have a modern look with the latest techniques.

In this project, we are working in full compliance with the sustainability requirements of the World Bank. We are focusing strongly on minimising our impact on the environment and optimising our stakeholder management and the social impact of the project. We report our progress to the client and the World Bank on a monthly basis, so that we can achieve our objectives.  

A critical examination

The renewal of the terminal on St. Maarten is a major project. But not everything needs to be replaced. Based on our sustainability philosophy, we critically examine each component of the terminal to determine whether it needs to be replaced or whether it can be retained. This ensures that we do not need to replace components unnecessarily and it prevents unnecessary transport, waste and environmental impact.

Travellers remain welcome

The airport will remain operational during the construction work. That is why we plan our work as smartly as possible and as far in advance as we can. We work in different phases and guide departing passengers past the construction work to temporary check-in counters, security checks and open gates. We work closely with our client, partners and stakeholders so that we can guarantee the safety of all travellers.

Together with St Maarten

Over the past decades, Ballast Nedam has carried out many projects in the Caribbean and St. Maarten in particular. In doing so, we work as much as possible with local people and local companies. In this project, we are again combining our international expertise with local experience and the vast majority of our teams consist of St. Maarten residents. At peak times, we expect to have about 150 to 200 people working for this project. This strong involvement from St. Maarten is a boost for the island, provides optimal knowledge exchange and ensures pleasant, efficient and constructive cooperation.