Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt: living in an oasis with greenery and water

An energy-neutral city district in Rotterdam

Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt

Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt will be an energy-neutral city district in Rotterdam South. A sustainable neighbourhood with 290 rental and owner-occupied houses in a characteristic 21st-century garden village, located on or near the water. This project, developed by Ballast Nedam Development, is currently being realised by Ballast Nedam West. The garden village invites to walk, play, cycle and meet each other.

  • 190 free-sector housing
  • 100 social housing
  • 4 stars DGBC Residential Hallmark

Garden village of the future 

Meeting and social cohesion are central to the garden village. The neighbourhood is characterised by a typical garden village appearance, with bay windows and masonry detailing as an essential part of the design. Thanks to nesting boxes, solar panels, electric shared cars and a community greenhouse, this neighbourhood is fully in tune with the 21st century.

Green and safe

During the urban development, we took a green and safe character seriously. That is why Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt will have hedges, trees and the centrally located water feature, so that the neighbourhood has a pleasant and social feel.

The streets have been designed with slow traffic in mind. Parking is mainly done in parking courtyards between the building blocks, out of sight. This ensures a child-friendly environment and preserves the character of the original garden village. With success: Tuinbuurt Vrijlandt receives at least 4 stars from the DGBC Residential Quality Mark, which proves that this is a sustainable neighbourhood.

In action for the birds

Ballast Nedam took action together with Vogelbescherming Nederland to make the garden neighbourhood as attractive as possible for birds and other animals. For example, all new residents will receive a bird kit with materials and tips to make their garden as bird-friendly as possible, and various nesting boxes will be installed as built-in bricks in the facades.

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Bedrijfsdirecteur Ballast Nedam Development Onno Dwars

Anita Oudejans

Managing director Ballast Nedam West

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