A new building for the EIB

Meeting all sustainability benchmarks

Expansion of the European Investment Bank headquarters

From an exterior perspective, the freshly added component to the European Investment Bank's (EIB) headquarters conceals the extent of subterranean office space within. This accounts for no less than one-third of the overall surface area. Ballast Nedam International Projects, in collaboration with Italian contractor Rizzani De Eccher, is spearheading the construction of this new edifice, serving as the focal point of the EIB campus situated in Luxembourg.

  • 63.680 m2 surface area
  • 1500 workstations
  • 21 floors

Underground and above-ground

In total, this office complex boasts an expansive 45,000 m2 of above-ground office space, complemented by an additional 18,680 m2 nestled beneath the surface. Crafted with ingenuity, the EIB headquarters embodies a well-conceived layout that accommodates efficient workstations, technical domains, and employee congregating zones. The architectural composition comprises a tower and a designated "podium." The podium, spanning eight floors horizontally, three of which are subterranean, forms the building's base. Meanwhile, the tower graces the building's distant extremity, soaring across 21 floors, inclusive of the five levels within the horizontal segment.

Fostering collaborative spaces

Central to the project's vision is the reassembly of personnel from dispersed offices into a singular, expansive campus. This necessitated the creation of an additional 1,500 workstations.

A commitment to sustainability

Distinguished by its commitment to sustainability, this edifice is conceived around three pivotal tenets: the cultivation of a healthful workspace, the responsible utilisation of materials, and a dedication to energy efficiency. Naturally, the construction adheres to Luxembourg's prospective sustainability benchmarks, aligning with near energy-neutral standards while thoughtfully managing emissions and energy consumption. The roofs and fa├žades consist of 2,200 m2 of solar panels and all energy sources will be renewable. This project for the EIB has achieved BREEAM-Excellent certification in the design phase and is also aiming for BREEAM-Excellent certification in its execution.

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