A hydrogen filling station

Specially for Connexxion buses

Heinenoord hydrogen station

Ballast Nedam Industriebouw specializes in the construction and maintenance of filling stations, both for traditional fuels and for LNG, CNG and hydrogen. As early as 2013, we built the first 700 bar hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands in Helmond, for buses, trucks and passenger cars. Partly due to our extensive experience, Everfuel commissioned us to realize a hydrogen station for buses in Heinenoord.

  • 20 hydrogen buses
  • 112 virbopoles
  • 40 percent asphalt reduction

Energy transition

We believe it is important to contribute to the energy transition. That is why we would like to use our knowledge and experience for the construction of hydrogen stations such as in Heinenoord. We carried out all construction work for the Heinenoord hydrogen station. From piling and earthwork to steel construction and electrical work for the station. This meant we completely relieved our client of any worries.


The hydrogen station currently supplies twenty Connexxion buses with hydrogen. But the station has capacity for more than fifty buses. Moreover, the tank pressure is also suitable for trucks and other heavy vehicles. This means that Heinenoord Hydrogen Station is completely ready for the future.

Asphalt reduction

The peat soil in Heinenoord posed an additional challenge. This surface is not load-bearing. To improve the soil, we used the sustainable product Geosta. This is a natural soil improver that makes the soil stronger. An additional advantage is that less asphalt is required. In Heinenoord this even resulted in an asphalt reduction of fourty percent.

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