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Hydrogen station Mexicostraat: jack of all trades

Mexicostraat hydrogen station

Ballast Nedam Industriebouw specializes in the construction and maintenance of filling stations, both for traditional fuels and for LNG, CNG and hydrogen. As early as 2013, we built the first 700 bar hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands in Helmond, for buses, trucks and passenger cars. The assignment from CMB.TECH to build a multifunctional hydrogen station was a perfect fit for us.

  • 22 prefab walls
  • 3 hydrogen storage docks
  • 4 various tank functions

Sustainable fuel

Hydrogen is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. By building hydrogen stations we contribute to the energy transition. We find this very important. We carried out all architectural and civil work for Waterstation Mexicostraat in Antwerp. From the cable ducts to the foundations and from the shop building to the construction of the canopy.


What is special about the Mexicostraat Hydrogen Station is that the hydrogen is produced on site via electrolysis and that it is a multifunctional station. Not only passenger cars, buses and trucks, but also boats can refuel with hydrogen here (bunkering). Due to the location of the station directly on the water of the Scheldt, this is the ideal bunkering location for ships. All these different functions made the construction of this station extra challenging.


We used prefab walls for the six-meter-high concrete walls. This meant we didn't have to make these walls on site. A lot more efficient and sustainable. Hydrogen station Mexicostraat is a stone's throw from the famous Antwerp Port House and opened in 2021.

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