Ballast Nedam Development signs for more sustainable and future-proof construction

Ballast Nedam Development has signed Covenant Future-proof Construction to build new houses more sustainable and future-proof. This includes agreements that are stricter than the current legal standards that apply to sustainable construction and emissions. 

The covenant has now been signed by more than 85 organisations, including 30 municipalities, three provinces and more than 30 developers and construction companies. Municipalities and market parties initiated this action because of a need for agreements on circular construction, nature-inclusive building, climate adaptation and energy use. By staying well within the margins and entering into the agreement with many parties, the idea is that ultimately housing can be built faster, cheaper and more sustainable.

National standard

Rob van Muilekom, member of the Provincial Executive, calls the signing a milestone: "I am very proud that this covenant is now on the table and came about with input from many parties involved. I am convinced that this will enable us to build houses more quickly, more sustainably and more affordably. It would be great if the agreements from the covenant spread across the Netherlands like an oil slick and many more parties join in." 

The covenant drafters want the agreements on housing standards to become national standards. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (which includes Housing and Spatial Planning) has already expressed interest and is closely monitoring the implementation of the covenant.

The covenant also serves as a platform where organisations find each other to translate the agreements made into practice. The platform, called Future-proof Construction, is also used to share knowledge so that learning and research can be done on how to build even more sustainably.

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