First waterproof, then hurricane-proof

A roof that can withstand wind speeds of 300 km/hour

Roof repair Saint Martin airport

The entire roof of one of Saint Martin's main airports ripped off. The building was left completely unusable. Ballast Nedam is installing a new and hurricane-resistant roof. After which the airport can regain its crucial position and allure.

Immediately after the disaster, Princess Juliana International Airport played an important role in the reconstruction - despite the lack of the roof - by acting as a base for emergency services. All this time, water and moulds had free rein, and the building suffered greatly. Fortunately there was also good news: after inspection it appeared that the construction of the building had remained intact. We could start with the roof.

Phase I: Getting it watertight

For the reconstruction, we had all the material come over from the Netherlands. With efficient logistics and the unbridled deployment of local workers, we delivered the building watertight within three months, with a temporary, structural roof. A relief for the airport, because now the restoration work could start. At the same time, the building can now offer a provisional arrival and departure hall to passengers who had to stay in emergency buildings for a year.

Phase II: Making it hurricane resistant

The temporary watertight roof is still vulnerable when the hurricane season starts. Local workers and experienced craftsmen from the Netherlands work side by side to strengthen the construction as quickly as possible. We install a definitive roof on the watertight protection in a robust construction, with special attention to assembly at the overhanging edge of the building. When we are done, the roof can withstand wind speeds of up to 185 mph (300 km/h).

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Roy van Eijsden

Managing Director Ballast Nedam International Projects

Roy van Eijsden has 20+ years of experience and has worked on six continents. His motivation: continuous improvement of the countries and living environments where he works.

Roy van Eijsden Directeur Ballast Nedam International
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