Working safely at Ballast Nedam

These are our principles and agreements

Our principles and agreements: this is how we work safely

We aspire to be an injury-free Ballast Nedam. When it comes to this, everyone plays a part. Every individual knows best how to assess and control risks that are a part of the job. And how to act on them. We call this 'our leadership in safety'.

We take this seriously. That is why clear principles and agreements apply to everyone working at Ballast Nedam including our partners. The principles and agreements are based on communication and responsibility.

Our principles

  • I take responsibility for my own safety and the safety of others.
  • I speak up to others about working safely.
  • I take action in case of unsafe situations, if necessary, I will stop the work.
  • I report all safety incidents, including near misses, so that we can learn lessons from them.
  • I accept feedback on my own safety behaviour.
  • I compliment when things go well.
  • I work safely or I do not work.

Our agreements

  • Respect the specific construction site rules, follow directions.
  • Wear and use the prescribed PPE.
  • Only work with a work order.
  • Make a risk assessment for each project and activity.
  • Always perform a last minute risk analysis before the start.
  • Only perform hazardous activities after an additional task risk analysis.
  • Provide a tidy workplace & workspace.