Building a sustainable living environment

Our contribution

We build houses, roads, and ports, but also wind farms and flood defences. Increasingly with circular materials and with machines and processes that cause no net emissions. We provide future-proof solutions, on an international level. In this way, we help to prevent further damage to the climate but also enable regions to adapt to changes in weather or rising sea levels. Just as we develop new habitats and make them accessible, enable clean energy to be distributed to new areas, and industries to become more sustainable. Ballast-Nedam works every day to create a safe and sustainable living environment. 

To mitigate climate change and become more climate resilient, it is important to jointly create a better energy system. This involves a fundamental change in the way societies produce, distribute and consume energy. By reducing negative energy sources and choosing sustainable alternatives, we will improve environmental, social, economic and urban living conditions. Ballast Nedam commits to the transitions that are needed. We contribute to the energy transition through what we build and how we do it.

The need for a better energy system

We are using up a lot of our planet's energy resources and pollution has large scale consequences on an economic, social and environmental level. Hence we pursue strategies and initiatives to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, climate-friendly and resilient energy system. Within Ballast Nedam, we actively participate in and accelerate the energy transition, thereby reducing our footprint and improving our living environment. Examples are windenergy projects using solar energy and hydrogen energy sources.

Energy transition

Improving wellbeing for living and working

Changing demography and a growing world population create pressure on our living environment. Urban development and a need for housing are urgent matters, especially in a densely occupied country like the Netherlands.  The challenge is to make better use of available space while reducing the carbon footprint of both building as well as living in new environments. Our Urban Development and construction projects offer solutions to fulfil needs for healthy living, for example, our project Cartesius.

Urban development and construction

Water supply and water protection

Because of global warming, our sea levels are rising and our living environment is at stake. We need to protect our environment from flooding and preserve our safety. Ballast Nedam contributes to the protection of residents through projects for the reinforcement of dykes and by offering clean water access programs. An example is Rijnkade Arnhem where we work on new dam installations to protect the country from flooding.

Water resilience

Enhancing mobility & logistics

Elevating sustainability hinges on optimizing infrastructure for improved accessibility and reduced travel time. Streamlined transportation networks and smart urban planning enhance mobility and cut emissions. By designing and constructing efficient transit and eco-friendly infrastructure, Ballast-Nedam helps to pave the way for a greener, interconnected future that benefits both communities and the environment.


Transition through industrial solutions

Incorporating sustainability into industrial solutions presents immense benefits. Shifting from polluting practices to sustainable alternatives not only mitigates environmental impact but also fosters efficiency and resilience. Ballast-Nedam helps industries to re-invent and rebuild themselves. This transition enhances the industry's reputation, reduces operational costs, and ensures a long-lasting positive impact on businesses, the planet and people.

Industrial renewals