Digitalisation and Innovation: We do this together with our clients

The digitalisation of the construction industry offers plenty of opportunities. Not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. Through innovation and digitisation, we can involve them in our construction process and increase quality and production. This creates a cooperation between people, machines and systems. The result: a new approach to construction.
By doing so, we can ensure that we bring our clients even more value. As an organisation, we can make better decisions more quickly, save costs and improve our processes. This provides us with a competitive advantage and adds value to the way we design, build and manage assets.

News and stories about digitalisation

We keep improving in the field of digitalisation. Read all about it:

Building with BIM: a unique approach 

Before we start building outside, we first build the project inside: on the computer. With BIM (Building Information Modelling), we make a virtual representation of the building, linking geometry and information. Because we work with BIM, we can record and share data intelligently and also prevent failure costs. After all, errors in the computer cost less than errors in reality. 

We call our own BIM approach BIM4Project. This is the collective name for four sub-areas of projects in which BIM is successfully applied: BIM2Design, BIM2Construct, BIM2Field and BIM2Operate. With success: our BIM4Project approach on the Blankenburg connection was awarded the GEOBIM2020 award.

We always go one step further

Digitalisation and Innovation go beyond building with BIM. We work with robots, laser scanning, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By constantly taking a step further, we are able to make the client experience even better.

Using a drone for measurements

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Together we make a bigger impact

Together with other major construction companies, we have started the Digital Engineering Community, in which we are increasingly digitising and automating our engineering processes together. In addition, we are the lead party in the implementation of the BIM basis Infra and contribute extensively to other initiatives via the BIM Loket and BuildingSMART International.

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