Digitalisation and Innovation: We do this together with our clients

The changes that emerging digital technologies have brought to our lives are far greater than we could ever have predicted. At Ballast Nedam, we make maximum use of these new techniques and innovations.
By doing so, we can ensure that we bring our clients even more value. As an organisation, we can make better decisions more quickly, save costs and improve our processes. This provides us with a competitive advantage and adds value to the way we design, build and manage assets.

Transition to a digital and innovative organisation

Our processes are increasingly based on data. This new working method requires a smart approach. That is why we innovate 'agile' in small steps. We work together with our regular partners to take those small steps as efficiently as possible.

BIM4Project: Our distinctive approach

Within Digitalisation and Innovation, Ballast Nedam focuses, among other things, on its integrated BIM4Project approach. This is the collective name of four sub-areas in the project in which BIM is successfully applied: BIM2Design, BIM2Construct, BIM2Field and BIM2Operate. With success: our BIM4Project approach on the Blankenburgverbinding was awarded the GEOBIM2020 award.

This is how we use BIM techniques

Watch in 240 seconds.

We always go the extra mile

Digitalisation and Innovation go further than our BIM4Project approach. We make innovative use of robots, laser scanning, machine learning and artificial intelligence in our engineering and execution processes. We  also focus on a culture change around people, organisations, processes and 'agile work'. By always going a step further, we can improve the client experience even further.

Smart use of BIM technology and our robot plotter

We will be drilling around 280,000 protruding reinforcements and brackets in the underwater concrete floor of the Maas Delta tunnel and Holland tunnel on the A24 Blankenburgverbinding. Precision is key, as the rebar cage in the underwater concrete must not be touched at all.

Onze aanpak
This is how we make even more impact

We believe it is important to team up with partners who add value and knowledge, so we have started the Digital Engineering Community with other large construction companies. We jointly increasingly digitalise and automate our engineering processes. By combining our knowledge, developmental changes can be implemented faster at lower costs. We are also at the forefront of implementing the BIM basic Infra and contribute to other initiatives through the BIM Loket and BuildingSMART International.

We apply our knowledge and partnerships to every project we start. We are on the right track and will continue to lead the construction industry, attracting the right talent.

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