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The path to improvement is never finished

Our story

We like to communicate who we are and what we stand for with all our stakeholders. This ensures that our clients, partners, employees and applicants know what they can expect when collaborating with us. Always with 'Challenge to Improve' in our mind. Because we believe that we can achieve sustainable growth by continuously challenging ourselves to improve. As humans and professionals, every day. 

Our manifest

Our purpose for now and in the future is to continuously challenge ourselves to improve. Every day, we try to become better. As people and as professionals. We do that by sharing knowledge, adapting to new circumstances and having an open mindset. We strive to create value for our clients by exploring new ways of working and to manage and control risks and find solutions as a team. We focus on improving the wellbeing, safety and sustainability of our environment. 

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Challenge to Improve

We are a Dutch construction and development company. For 147 years we have been exploring new ways of creating landmarks for a better living environment. These are small-scale local projects or large infrastructure works and complex high-rise buildings. Just around the corner, in the city centre or abroad.

We believe
that the way to build a sustainable and growing business is to continuously challenge ourselves to improve. Every day. To improve the quality of our work and the solutions we offer. To improve the added value we create for our clients and to challenge ourselves to increase the wellbeing of the environments in which we operate.

We see the Dutch construction market as a challenging market in many ways. Large infrastructure and building projects often deal with risks that are challenging to manage. Regional markets require a very dedicated local approach to service our clients optimally. Attracting the right talent is critical to all our activities. And the transition to a more sustainable society requires changes in every aspect of our business and beyond. 


With the added value of our international parent organisation Rönesans Holding and the commitment of our professional and passionate people, we are in the position to take on these challenges now more than ever. We work with dedicated teams that fully focus on their markets and clients. It enables us to act with the agility of a local player and the strength of a large construction company. Moreover, we can adapt the best practices of our international experience and bring our unique Dutch capabilities to the international market in reverse. We are Ballast Nedam, we challenge to improve.

We cultivate our specific mindset: we question, find unique solutions and change things until we achieve the desired results.

We invite you
to take up the challenge together with us to continue to grow and improve even further.

We are Ballast Nedam. We Challenge to Improve.


Organisation values

We live and work by our organisation values. That means that we encourage ourselves to stimulate the behaviour we strongly believe in: 
  • We focus on people and relationships

    We are modest and respectful towards others. We have an eye for the needs of others and strive for solutions that account for them. We are credible to work with. We do what we say and offer solutions based on experience.

  • We embrace and stimulate ownership

    We are ambitious and dedicated people. We are committed to the job: we work hard because we want to succeed. And we focus on ownership: we take responsibility and we are accountable for our work.

  • We learn, adapt and grow every day

    We stay hungry for success and we are keen on learning and achieving results. We act with an entrepreneurial mindset: we are practical and resilient with a ‘fix it’ mentality. We embrace diversity. We look from a broader perspective to obtain richer insights and create suitable solutions.

Strategic ambitions

Our strategy on how we adapt, learn and grow every day is stated in our four main ambitions:

  1. Being and remaining an employer of choice
  2. Optimise Operational excellence
  3. Expand Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Increase Financial stability


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