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Climate change has far-reaching effects on the environment, ecosystems, and
human societies. Transitions in energy, water, mobility and industries are ongoing. Our transitions represent our societal and ecological challenges to build a sustainable living environment. Each transition consists of several niches; the expertise we developed in our 147 years of existence. These are specialised product market combinations where our expertise meets specific market demands. Each expertise is a showcase of the projects we executed for our clients.
Our projects are visible by looking at buildings, bridges, houses, roads, tunnels, ports, hospitals and university buildings that shape the landscape. Always to improve our well-being in living, work, leisure or mobility.

Our Transitions

We focus on five transitions that represent the societal and environmental challenges we face and the solutions we want to offer: 1) Energy transition to create a sustainable energy system, 2) Urban development & construction to improve well-being for living and working, 3) Infrastructure to enhance mobility and logistics, 4) Water resilience to improve water supply and water protection, and 5) Industrial renewals to enable industrial transitions.

Our main business focuses on the Netherlands. Meanwhile, we continue to explore international opportunities. Our projects abroad are concentrated in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa and we will expand our reach into the CIS countries, the Middle East and North and East Africa. 

Our expertise

Ballast Nedam consists of a diversity of people with specific professional knowledge. The expertise we offer is very diverse: from building immersed tunnels to installing wind turbines; from realising complex high-rise buildings to working on restoration projects.

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Our projects are our business cards. They are the result of combining knowledge, experience, dedication and collaboration. What we build ranges from small scale local apartments to high rise buildings under extremely complex circumstances. They are all executed to best suit our client’s needs.

Our projects

We take you along our projects in the Netherlands and abroad; these are our pieces of art. 

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