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We build sustainable landmarks that contribute to a safe and healthy living environment in the Netherlands and abroad. Throughout the country, our expertise is visible by looking at buildings, bridges, houses, roads, tunnels, ports, hospitals and university buildings that shape the landscape. Always with the purpose to improve our wellbeing in living, working, leisure or mobility.
Our main business focuses on our home country. Meanwhile, we continue to explore international opportunities. Our projects abroad are concentrated in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa. This reflects our identity as a Dutch company with international influences.

Our expertise

Every project requires a different approach and has its unique elements, but also contains similarities to previous projects within the same area of expertise. That is why our expertise concentrates around three elements: people, experience from previous projects and our unique way of working.

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Our projects are our business cards. They are the result of combining knowledge, experience, dedication and collaboration. What we build ranges from small scale local apartments to high rise buildings under extremely complex circumstances. They are all executed to best suit our client’s needs.

Our projects

We take you on a journey along our projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Our projects are our business cards.

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