Bramske van Beijma: "We are taking even more steps forward in the field of sustainability"

Our challenger in the field of sustainability

Bramske van Beijma: "We are taking even more steps forward"

Energy-neutral construction sites, an electric vehicle fleet, sustainable housing projects: the ambitions of the Climate Agreement are a great task for Bramske van Beijma, our new Corporate Social Responsibility Director. Ballast Nedam has already taken steps and is now giving the green light to Van Beijma to accelerate.

Within the collective term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability currently has her important attention. A theme that, just like safety, is an important topic for Ballast Nedam, according to Van Beijma. That is why she provides strategic advice to tender teams about the sustainable implementation of a project, thus stimulating discussions about, for example, sustainable concrete, other material choices or efficient logistics processes.
I already notice that people are inspired to come up with interesting ideas
Bramske van Beijma Director CSR Ballast Nedam
And that's not all. A further step is also being made within the organization in the field of social return, labor participation and safety. “I already notice that people have great ideas coming up. We have to work on that."

A different angle

Van Beijma has a background at engineering consultancy Tebodin, where she worked as a consultant for 11 years, including six years on secondment at Schiphol. Within that position, she learned a lot from the construction sector, but she looked from a slightly different angle. She looks back: “I always looked at things more broadly. I always had to turn 360 degrees and I continuously taught myself new techniques. One time I was on a project in the baggage basements, and then again on a project with gas stations. I learned from whom I can acquire which knowledge and how you can achieve something great together."

Due to her interest in sustainability, Van Beijma joined BAM in 2012, as head of the Process Support department in combination with the role of CSR manager. Last month she switched to her current position at Ballast Nedam, where she mainly assesses the current status takes stock in this her first month. “There is a lot of knowledge here, but that knowledge is spread throughout the company. What do we do with regard to circularity? Where are the most emissions and where could we apply certain measures?"

The information that Van Beijma collects from the introductory meetings and wishes of clients are converted into concrete goals and plans. “We want to progress even further. I don't just want to tick the boxes, I want to achieve real results. ” By this she refers to business units that distinguish themselves on sustainability level and tenders won because of innovative sustainability plans. “We have already been certified for the highest standard of the CO2 performance ladder, but it is now important to continuously come up with new innovations and set up business cases. I do this by connecting knowledge, but also by entering the market."

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