Unique collaboration between Ballast Nedam, BAM and Heijmans in Digital Engineering

The three major construction companies Ballast Nedam, BAM and Heijmans will jointly automate part of their engineering processes. With the help of the VIKTOR platform, this collective will develop an application that accelerates the design process of soil bodies.

The application is used for both new roads (green fields) and ridges of existing roads. A unique collaboration that contributes to the digital future of construction.

Faster processes, less risks

This initiative makes it possible to quickly calculate a large number of cross sections for soil bodies by automatically performing settlement calculations (D-Settlement). With this we realize a shorter design time, we can implement changes faster and make better calculations. In this way we reduce the risk of errors and realize lower failure costs.

We mainly work on the fundamental levels of the process, that is not competitive
Paulus Eckhardt Ballast Nedam