Laudy Vastgoedontwikkeling: the new sister of our subsidiary Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling

Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling recently acquired a sister named Laudy Vastgoedontwikkeling. The new organisation is an ambitious real estate developer that realises new construction and transformation of residential environments throughout Limburg.

"The ambition of Laudy Vastgoedontwikkeling is crystal clear", says director Raymond Veugelers. "Every year we want to develop between 100 and 200 houses / apartments. We believe that living and living are closely linked. With our projects, we want the "Improving the quality of life in our region. That is why we take the development of new projects so seriously. Housing is a way in which people can be themselves. That means that we integrally include issues such as sustainability, green experience and recreation in our planning."

A very strong combination

Laudy Vastgoedontwikkeling is part of Ballast Nedam since 2002. The organisation can rely on the knowledge and experience of the Ballast Nedam concern, which is also part of Rönesans Holding, an extremely stable global player in the construction world with an impressive track record in real estate development and realization. This makes Laudy Vastgoedontwikkeling a local player with the financial strength and expertise of a global player. A very strong combination.

We develop and build. This combination is very valuable in our business operations.
Roger Drummen Laudy Vastgoedontwikkeling

Together with partners

“Based on our know-how and strong financial basis, we are an interesting party for other project developers as well as for housing foundations and municipalities,” continues Roger Drummen. “We strive for a fruitful cooperation with all parties involved. Reliability is what it's all about in our industry. Furthermore, we have a number of disciplines within our own organisation - such as a construction company - that are immediately involved in the development of a project. We develop and build. This combination is very valuable in our business operations. As a result, the whole is ultimately more than the sum of its parts. We have everything to do with development, arranging finances and construction. We operate like a spider in the web and involve the right parties. ”

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