Community Relations Management

We have the versatility and creativity to use technology to bring social and ecological benefits, while meeting our stakeholders’ expectations. We do this through community relations management. The stakeholder dialogues play an important social role, and the general duty of care under Section 2 of the Flora and Fauna Act has a significant ecological impact.

Ballast Nedam interprets community relations management as all activities that help us get to know and involve all community parties, with the aim of identifying shared goals as well as our own, and to ensure that we achieve our project objectives. We focus on communication, safety, careful work and an environmentally aware and social attitude.

Strategic community relations management is a tool for Ballast Nedam to understand and manage the points of contact between a project and its neighbours at the earliest possible stage. The point is to facilitate good relations between the project organization and the various stakeholders in the surrounding area, so that we identify win-win solutions.

For more information, we refer to our integrated annual report.