Concrete solutions

A genuine Ballast Nedam expertise

Concrete solutions

One of our expertise

Ballast Nedam deploys a lot of expertise daily, concrete solutions included. Our organisational units Hoco Beton and Haitsma Beton are specialised in this, and they reinforce each other. Precast concrete is a specific component within the construction sector. Years of experience have enabled us to build up this expertise.

We design and produce various concrete elements used in bridges, viaducts, stations, car parks, buildings and roads. There is also a great demand for prefab concrete elements of high aesthetic quality, such as architectural concrete used for balconies, walls, or sandwich panels. These can be delivered with a façade, including insulation and masonry.

Even stronger together

In close cooperation, we achieve more. By sharing our knowledge and techniques, we are able to stand out and remain a leader in the field of concrete.

Haitsma Beton focuses primarily on assignments involving complex and large elements. They have a strong reputation when it comes to building bridges and viaducts. Hoco Beton mainly focuses on architectural concrete for residential and non-residential construction. Wim Comello is the Director of both concrete companies and aims to ensure that the best result is obtained from both organisational units. He explains: “The common denominator between Hoco Beton and Haitsma Beton is the focus on results. In addition to being commercially active, this focus requires being at the forefront of construction and technology, which can only be achieved with the right people and the right knowledge. There is a lot of overlap in the processes and ways of dealing with each other. We are a close-knit team that is continuously improving.”

Technology as a connecting factor

Concrete requires high standards. The specific expertise is constructive, technological and production-technical. The production technology mainly focuses on how a certain element can be produced efficiently, effectively and with optimal quality.

At the start of each project, we ensure that the mutual expectations are well aligned, which is very important for successful cooperation. Concrete is, therefore, literally and figuratively the connecting factor at the beginning of our cooperation. Together with the client, we make choices using specific prefab solutions and technical specifications: detailing, execution, and design aspects related to other products.

Challenging work

In terms of technology, Haitsma Beton is designing a pre-stressed bridge made with geopolymers in collaboration with TU Delft and Province Fryslan. It is the first time a prestressed bridge has been made using this method. Geopolymers are a cement substitute and react the same as cement. In comparison to cement, the production of geopolymers only releases a small about of CO2.

Another example is the bridge in Wanssum, Limburg, where we used 69 metres girders. In doing so, we broke a world record.

With care for the environment

We reduce the environmental impact by producing our products prefabricated in a factory. In our factory hall, we ensure safety by manufacturing the concrete elements in a protected area. We can work efficiently and thus reduce the burden on the environment. We consult with residents and stakeholders to keep any inconvenience, such as transport at night manageable.

A major development process is the reuse of our materials. For example, we are increasingly working with 'concrete rubble granules', broken material originating from demolished concrete structures. It is used as a substitute for gravel. This sustainable development is an important point of attention within our expertise.

Success factors: knowledge and experience

We dare to take on challenges because we are always pushing the boundaries in construction, technology and production. That makes our organisation ever stronger. In addition to gaining practical experience, employees also receive further training through training programmes run by organisations such as the Betonvereniging (Concrete Association) and the Betonhuis sector association.
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