Foundation & Excavation Solutions

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Foundation & Excavation Solutions

Three expertise combined

Ballast Nedam deploys a lot of expertise daily, foundation & excavation solutions included. Foundation & Excavation combines three separate expertise: Ballast Nedam Specialist Earthmoving, Van Leeuwen Anchors and Ballast Nedam Foundation Techniques. These expertise are reflected in Ballast Nedam's major non-residential and infrastructure projects.

Foundation engineering is the basis

Ballast Nedam Infra Projects has professionals in-house to ensure that every construction project gets off to a solid start. The analysis of the soil data enables them to determine a type of foundation or anchoring system. The specialists then design this solution based on the requirements and wishes of the client. Once the implementation method has been worked out, construction can begin.

Unique expertise

Ballast Nedam is one of only a few companies offering the complete range of activities required to create a stable foundation. This enables them to simplify interfaces. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained from major projects, Ballast Nedam Foundation & Excavation Solutions professionals know what is involved in such a project. They understand the challenges our clients face and have the right experience to master them.

Specialist earthmoving

Ballast Nedam Specialist Earthmoving is active in excavating tunnels, building pits, basements, garages, and coastal and shore works. They have many years of experience with high levels of earthworks complexity, for example, on the edge of land and water, peat bogs, and other soil types with little vigour. They have a fleet of equipment for any wet excavation work, where material can be removed by digging, squeezing or pumping.


The installation of foundations and anchors can be carried out using various techniques. We developed the first anchoring technique ourselves—so-called lion anchors and lion anchor piles. It is our brand of patented anchoring systems and is applied vibration-free. They are the alternative to grout anchors and have a high capacity.

Secondly, we have the GEWI anchors. These GEWI bars are inserted into the ground with a hollow tube and injected with grout, after which the tube is pulled out of the ground.

The last and third anchoring technique is the use of (removable) strand anchors. These strands are often used in temporary or permanent constructions and are installed similarly to GEWI anchors. They can be fitted with a special block at the end, allowing them to be removed again if required.

Pile foundations

In addition to anchoring, Ballast Nedam specialises in the design and implementation of all possible pile foundations. We have experience using traditional techniques such as combi piling and sheet piling consisting of piles weighing more than 25 tonnes and 30-50 metres long, 4-metre diameter tubular piles, Vibro (combination) piles and soil displacement screw piles in many projects. Special piling techniques such as horizontal piling and the installation of MV piles are also part of our package.

Van Leeuwen has developed two specific types of piles. Firstly, the LEKA piles, which are steel tubular piles that we drive into the ground. With this foundation technique, the piles are formed in the ground without any vibration. They are usually used when there is limited work space. In addition, the VF pile, also known as the Vibro Fluidation pile, makes it possible to accurately determine the grout column's length and reduce grout spillage. Because the VF pile is pulled up after the steel core is placed, the pipes can then be injected with grout.

Development in technology

Ballast Nedam is working on improvements in safety and technical aspects daily. Cooperation with fellow companies and industry associations such as the NVAF (Nederlandse Vereniging Aannemers Funderingswerken) enables us to make a major contribution to innovation and added value for the customer. By participating in various pilot projects and improving standards through working groups, we also optimise and improve our pile and anchor systems. In doing so, we look at our existing techniques or investigate new ones to solve our client's challenges more effectively and efficiently.
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