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Our historical projects

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Ballast Nedam has been building its reputation since 1877 and was given its current name in 1969. As our name suggests, Ballast Nedam's origins lie in the convergence of two separate companies: 'Ballast' and 'Nedam'. These two companies initially operated independently and each has its own history. Our portfolio says something about who we are. We therefore proudly inform you about the road we have travelled.

Within Dutch borders

Water protection dam 'Afsluitdijk'

In 1927, the work started on the construction of the Afsluitdijk: the dam that closes off the IJsselmeer between North Holland and Friesland from the Wadden Sea. Thousands of people worked with dedication on the more than thirty-kilometre-long dyke in the middle of the sea. The most important task of the Afsluitdijk is to protect the Netherlands against flooding. The project was successfully completed in 1932. The Amsterdamse Ballast Maatschappij, formerly known as 'Ballast', then gained its reputation as a constructor in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Since the twentieth century, we have continually contributed to the growth of Schiphol Airport. Between 1961 and 1969, we worked on the construction of runways with a total length of 3300 metres and the rerouting of various national roads. In 2016, we completed the P3 premium parking garage: a sophisticated design for carefree parking.

Peace Palace

The founder of 'Nedam' was awarded the construction of the Peace Palace (Vredespaleis) in The Hague in 1907. The idea for this palace of world peace originated at the First World Peace Conference in The Hague in 1899. During the realisation of the Peace Palace, almost all countries participating in the conference contributed materials, decoration and works of art. In the summer of 1913, the Peace Palace was opened by Queen Wilhelmina.

Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier

The construction of the Oosterscheldedam was an extremely complex building process between 1976 and 1986. New techniques were required for soil improvement. We developed special equipment, such as the Mytilius and the Cardium. The Mytilus was a new vessel used to stabilise the extremely soft seabed. Cardium was a unique combination of a cutter suction dredger and a mat roller, which was used to level the seabed and to sink the mat blocks so that the piers could stand on them. The Oosterschelde dam is considered one of the most innovative dams in the Delta works.

International iconic bridges

King Fahd Causeway

The design and construction of bridges is ancient expertise. We have built three iconic bridges internationally.

During the 1969 merger of 'Ballast' and 'Nedam', contracts with the Middle East were expanded. In 1982, the first stone was laid for the King Fahd Causeway Bridge. This structure is a 25-kilometre-long combined bridge and viaduct linking Bahrain and the Saudi Arabian mainland. A spectacular road structure project with a four-lane road 25 metres wide.

Storebaelt Bridge

Also in Denmark, in 1991 we built the Storebaelt Bridge, a bridge connection between the islands of Funen and Seeland. This connection made it possible for Western Europe to reach the whole of Scandinavia by road. The connection consists of two bridges with a length of 6.6 and 6.8 kilometres. Especially for this project, we designed the lifting vessel 'the Svanen'. This ship has a lifting capacity of 6,5000 tonnes and could be used for the construction of the bridge.

Confederation Bridge

The Svanen also came in handy in 1995 during the construction of the Confederation Bridge in Canada, a 12.9-kilometre long toll bridge connecting the Canadian state of Prince Edward Island with the Canadian mainland. This bridge is equipped with special ice shields to break up the crushing ice during the winter season with temperatures of -35°C. Through our BOT contract, we are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance for another 35 years after completion.

More projects

With this experience, we build beautiful works. These special icons of history are beautiful examples: