Energy transition

Towards a sustainable energy system

At the heart of transitions

The world is transitioning towards a new sustainable energy system based on clean and renewable sources, moving away from fossil fuels and emissions impacting our climate. Reducing the use of fossil fuels leads to lower CO2 emissions and helps limit global warming. Using our energy system more efficiently is essential to improve climate resilience.

Ballast Nedam plays an active role in this shift, by constructing the components of our future energy system. Our projects and know-how range from renewable generation, such as wind parks, to civil structures for energy-related buildings and hydrogen plants. We work offshore and nearshore on wind and solar parks. We design and build it: because we want people to benefit from a reliable and sustainable energy system.

Windplanblauw: increasing the use of wind energy

The projects entails the replacement of 74 existing wind turbines by 61 modern turbines with a higher capacity. The project was constructed in a Natura2000 Area. We have taken many ecological measures to reduce the harm to the environment during the construction phase, as well as during the operational phase.


Responsible construction

We invest in zero emission machinery and processes powered by clean energy to minimise our collective environmental footprint. This way, we contribute to the energy transition through what we build and how we do it. Only this way, we can jointly create a better energy system and become more climate resilient. This will arm us against rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, and the risk of flooding, as well as an impact on agricultural production and nature in the Netherlands, with risks such as drought, wildfires, and changes in biodiversity.

Energy positive nature houses

Energy-positive row houses made of bio-based materials will be built in Heeze in Brabant. These sustainable homes are called 'Nature Houses' and consist largely of prefabricated straw panels, allowing for fast and efficient construction. Because more than 95% of the houses are made of natural materials such as straw, the materials save as much as 90 tonnes of CO2. Moreover, the Nature House generate as much as 10% extra energy. The façade and roof are largely covered with greenery. This greenery and the natural building materials act as a buffer for water management and combat heat stress.

Nature house

Building a future proof energy system

Our purpose is to accelerate the energy transition by providing our skills, experience and know-how to the people, companies and countries that work on this enormous challenge. 

By reducing negative energy sources and choosing sustainable alternatives, we will improve environmental, social, economic and urban living conditions. This means we commit to the energy transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon energy system. It involves a fundamental change in the way societies produce, distribute and consume energy, with a focus on reducing environmental impacts, mitigating climate change, and enhancing energy security.

Collaboration partner

To our clients, we are a collaboration partner in offering full-scope construction solutions for the energy transition challenges. We actively pursue strategies and initiatives to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, climate-friendly and resilient energy system. We offer a partnership in shifting from fossil energy resources towards renewable energy resources. We also offer construction solutions for increased efficiency in the way energy is currently consumed. This means reducing the total energy usage thereby reducing our footprint. We are a main contractor, combining our expert knowledge in all parts of the value chain; this safeguards quality, control, risk management and efficiency.

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