Biography Martijn (M.) Smitt

Mr. Martijn Smitt is Executive Director within Ballast Nedam's management team.

In this position he is responsible for a wide range of our technical services. These include Safety, Sustainability, CSR, Marketing & Communication, Quality, ICT, Digital Transformation & Innovation, Survey and Environmental consultancy. He is also responsible for Ballast Nedam Equipment.

Driven by his passion, Mr. Smitt has been involved in numerous multidisciplinary international construction projects for over two decades. He is one of the few experts in the world who has the knowledge of how to combine the complex immersion technology with the dynamics involved in the immersion process. With his expertise, he also contributes to the growth and development of Ballast Nedam's tunnel activities.

Mr. Smitt started his career at Ballast Nedam in 2018. After graduating from Delft University of Technology, he started his construction career in 1993, working on a large number of Dutch and international infrastructure projects.