Strategic ambitions

Strategy Challenge to Improve

Our strategy to adapt, learn and grow every day is stated in our main ambitions. These are our general guiding principles:

1. Being and remaining an employer of choice

In this challenging labour market and with a scarcity of qualified talent, it is of the utmost importance to attract and retain employees. Thanks to our dedicated and skilled staff we are able to achieve our ambitions. Our people are our greatest strength.

To remain an employer of choice, our ambition is to have a qualified workforce, stimulate productivity and employability and create a healthy and safe work environment. We take job satisfaction seriously. That is why we want employees to be able to grow, explore career opportunities, have the freedom to be creative and feel recognised for that. We invest in training and career development, employee well-being and leadership development.

2. Optimise Operational excellence

When we deliver projects, we want to create value for our clients. To do this, we need to optimise what we offer. This means raising our performance to the highest level in terms of quality, pricing and on-time delivery. In other words: do what we promise in the best way possible. Creating value, therefore, means focusing on quality, controlling our processes, managing risks and increasing our profitability. Besides that, we believe that close, personal and easy collaboration, a shared solution-driven focus, transparency and open communication are important to ensure client satisfaction.

3. Expand Corporate Social Responsibility

Our projects aim to create high living standards, which is why we are aware of the impact that our operations have on our environment. We take responsibility towards our internal and external stakeholders, society and the environment. Creating a safe working environment is a top priority and safety awareness is our main strategy to improve desired behaviour. Every year, we increase the level of sustainability in the execution of our projects and in our corporate business operations by focusing on reducing our CO2 footprint. Ballast Nedam shows considerable progress in sustainability and is well on its way to becoming CO2 neutral by 2030. Social return is another vital goal in our organisation, although the levels of social return vary considerably between our business units. We believe we can do better in the coming years, by being responsible, fair and accepting of each other, as well as sharing positive impacts.

4. Improve Financial stability

We are working on healthy, sustainable and profitable growth that is parallel with our business profile and capacity. International growth is part of this ambition. There are many opportunities abroad and we still benefit from our strong international network and reputation. We continue to focus on balanced risk management. Our entrepreneurial mindset helps us to continue to explore new opportunities and take on new challenges.