Strategic ambitions

Strategy to improve

Our strategy to adapt, learn and grow every day is stated in our five main ambitions. These are our general guiding principles:

1. Stimulate the wellbeing of our people
We commit to ensuring that our employees are safe, challenged, committed and happy. We aspire to be the employer of choice. We offer healthy working conditions and challenging jobs with the possibility to grow on a professional and personal level.

2. Invest in strong client and partner relationships
With our partners and clients, we create strong and long-term relationships based on mutual trust. To accomplish that, we want our partners and clients to be satisfied with our quality of work, our way of working and our reliability.

3. Safeguard financial health
We focus on running a healthy company with healthy growth numbers. That means having a solid order book, growth in revenue and managing costs. We do that by improving our operational excellence, by selective and strategic tendering and by focusing on (recruiting) qualified people with technological expertise. We use the highest standard of innovation, technology and digitalisation to support this ambition. This enables us to remain competitive.

4. Expand international growth
While expanding our order book predominantly in the Netherlands, we aim to expand our business further internationally in the future. This is part of our company DNA. The potential for international growth is substantial and we are empowered by the knowledge and experience of Rönesans Holding.

5. Prioritise safety, sustainability & social responsibility
We aim to perform our work as sustainably and considerately as possible for our people, society and environment. We incorporate the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals in our business strategy and apply our corporate social responsibility standards.