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Ballast Nedam West

One of our organisational units

Ballast Nedam consists of 18 organisational units, including Ballast Nedam West. For over 30 years, Ballast Nedam West has been a trusted name in Zuid Holland and Utrecht regions in the Netherlands. Its focus is on residential and non-residential construction, project development and major maintenance, with a strong emphasis on housing construction in the owner-occupied and non-occupied sectors, both new builds and major maintenance and improvement projects. In addition, Ballast Nedam West carries out many non-residential construction projects for public authorities and companies.

Coming home

Ballast Nedam West is an organisation with a great diversity of people. There is a good mix of experienced people and enthusiastic young talent. The team describes this feeling as a 'sense of coming home'. Together, they carry a great sense of responsibility to represent the client's interests. They have a proactive attitude and are focused on delivering great added value.

The character of Ballast Nedam West

"Our backbone is what makes us who we are: professional and honest,” according to Director Niels Doodeman. “We also believe in the power of our fix-it mentality. We can turn any challenge into a solution. We build complete 'turnkey' assignments for our clients. This means that we assume responsibility for all aspects of design and execution and work with a permanent core of expert partners who act as an extension of Ballast Nedam West. This working method gives us more control over the process."

The organisation has a strong focus on risk management. There is open communication to identify risks early and to determine and implement control measures.

Vision on the future

Ballast Nedam West has a clear vision of the future, based on continuous improvement and supported by clear, appropriate plans.

There is a strong focus on high-quality housing projects in the Randstad region. Due to their complexity, these projects have a utilitarian character. In addition, they intend to focus more on the realisation of maintenance projects and aligning capacity with the increasing demand for housing improvement and sustainability.

Ballast Nedam West also wants to differentiate itself by being of great added value as a builder, focusing on delivering high quality and maintaining control over the entire construction process, including the development phase. This ensures that the risks remain manageable and responsibility is taken. Finally, they use their creativity to come up with reliable and expert solutions.

More information?

Niels Doodeman

Managing Director Ballast Nedam West

Based in Rotterdam, Ballast Nedam West proudly works on projects in the Randstad region. These projects are characterised by the company's vision of manufacturability and its control over the design process. With driven professionals, they create more and more unique buildings. Cooperation and professionalism is what makes Ballast Nedam West successful. For Niels, it is precisely this interpersonal cooperation that is the key to success.

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Niels Doodeman bedrijfsdirecteur Ballast Nedam West